• Architecture & Elements

    The more you know about how architectural and design elements relate to the style of your home, the more you can enhance your exterior.

    Most homes today are a blending of styles, but if you can identify and understand some key architectural characteristics, you can zero in on specific design opportunities. While every house won’t fit neatly into a specific "type," it helps to know if your home has a recognizable architectural profile. If you need help, check out some of our pre-formatted houses in Dream Designer (the floating tab to your right) or check out "Styles of Distinction" to identify some of the more popular architectural homes styles.

    Next, consider the things you can change on the outside of your house (siding, trim, shutters, doors, etc.). Think about how contrast, colors, focal points, exterior surfaces and frames can all work together to create the exterior you want.

    Architecture Elements

    For more details on exterior pieces and parts, check out this article by Duo Dickinson, an award-winning architect and author of several books including “Staying Put.”