• Dream Designer FAQs

    Interior design and home décor are two incredibly satisfying elements when owning a home. But often, applying that same design inspiration to the exterior of your home can be confusing or overwhelming.

    At Exterior Portfolio, we manufacture high-quality exterior siding products that allow homeowners to design beautiful custom exteriors. With our decades of experience as a category leader, we know how to help homeowners mix exterior colors, styles and textures in ways that complement the feel of their home and the style of their neighborhood.

    In fact, that’s why we introduced Dream Designer, our online design tool. It’s never been easier or more fun to think outside!

    Q:  What is Dream Designer?

    At Exterior Portfolio, we know the importance of first impressions. Dream Designer, our online design tool, can help homeowners dream, create and see what new exterior elements look like on their home. In other words, you can dream it, create it and see it.  Before you do it.

    And you can do it using a wide range of cladding products that blend high-impact design and colors with long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.

    Q:  How does Dream Designer Work?

    It’s easy! Take a quick look at our YouTube tutorial on how to use Dream Designer. Or jump right in. You can use one of the many home styles we’ve already uploaded or you can upload an image of your own home. Then, just point, click and start designing.

    Each of our pre-formatted homes is marked with several areas to design. You can change the siding profile and color, add trim around windows, layer in architectural corners and more.

    Q:  Why should I use Dream Designer?

    While there are lots of online design tools available, most only allow you to add one color in one profile to your entire house. Dream Designer allows you to change and design several areas on the exterior of your home – adding color, and texture and changing siding and trim styles (features sounds like its more of a CAD program where you can add a porch) – in ways that bring the design process to life. With Dream Designer you can really get creative.  Add Shake in the gable or stone on the front.  See whether you prefer the basic corner trim or something more architectural.

    Q:  I need some design inspiration.  Can you help?

    We’d love to! At Exterior Portfolio, we’re passionate about applying approachable design concepts to the outside of your home.  We appreciate the power of details and how exterior home features can work together to create beautiful designs that reflect who you are.

    Check out Exterior Design for tips, suggestions and articles. We offer some easy ways to identify your home’s architectural style as well as key exterior features. And we include some great articles by award-winning architect and author, Duo Dickinson.

    Or, read our EP Style blog about exterior design inspiration, courtesy of Kriss Swint, the exterior design expert for Exterior Portfolio. And, enjoy some of our favorite websites for design inspiration.

    Come Outside and Play: Key Features of Dream Designer

    • We Make Color Easy. If choosing appealing color and product combinations for your home’s exterior seems daunting, don’t worry.  Each of our pre-formatted Dream Designer homes comes with specially selected products and colors from our Smart Styles Color Selector.  Click on “apply Smart Styles palettes” and choose from a variety of color and product options. You can use our colors as a starting point and then explore your own design preferences. 

    • Or, if you want to find out more about our color palettes and recommendations, you can learn about Smart Styles and even import your favorite Smart Styles color palette into your Dream Designer design.

    • Save Your Work. Dream Designer lets you compare your new design side by side with the original. Plus you can create a special project folder for all of your exterior designs. Whether it’s the same color palette for four different houses or a dozen different designs for one house, we make it easy and convenient to save your designs.

    • Share Your Inspiration. It’s fun to share your Dream Designer plans with family and friends. You can post it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter or pin in on Pinterest. And, you can email it to your contractor or save and print a PDF of your exterior home designs.

    • Let Us Help. With Dream Designer and our Exterior Portfolio website, we offer design guidance and support every step of the way. From our “before and after” design comparisons to our Smart Styles Color Selector to our Find a Contractor locater, we make exterior design easy and fun. And if you’re passionate about uploading your own home to Dream Designer, we can help do that, too. Coming soon and for a nominal fee, we can upload and map your home in Dream Designer.


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