• Look Outside

    The key to creating a unique exterior design for your home is to identify architectural details and then customize them in ways that reflect your taste and personality.

    So, head outside and check out the bones of your house, its structure, how it sits on the lot, how other houses in your neighborhood look and feel. Walk around your lot at various times during the day (and during the year) to see how your house presents in different light and in different seasons. Take into consideration landscaping and plantings. And it’s good to zero in on a few design features common to nearly every type of home and look at them with a new eye.

    Things like:

    • Gables and dormers
    • Doors and entries
    • Windows and shutters
    • Porches and patios
    • Hipped roofs and eaves
    • Corners and trim
    • Bump-outs, bays and additions

     Look Outsiode Image

    Find more details on popular exterior design features here.

    When it comes to exterior design features, you're looking at three things: 

    1. What the features do (function)
    2. How they are designed (form/architectural style)
    3. How they work together with other exterior features on your home (complementary design)

    Jot down notes, take photos, doodle a little rendering – anything that helps you recall and understand your home’s primary architectural elements.