• Start Designing

    Once you’ve done a bit of noodling on how your house fits on your lot and in your neighborhood and reviewed the key architectural style and primary structural elements of your home, the fun continues!  

    With Exterior Portfolio, there are endless possibilities for designing your home to express your unique style! And with Dream Designer, Exterior Portfolio’s visualization tool, you can create a custom design for your home. Discover how a Dream Designer Board, featuring true-to-size product and color images, along with actual product samples, can help you bring your exterior design to life. When you use Dream Designer to imagine a new exterior for your home and order the Dream Designer board, we’ll send directly to your home a high-definition design board with true-to-size product images in the colors you chose along with a before and after image of your home. In addition, you will receive 12-inch cut pieces of the actual siding products in the colors you selected for your design. All for just $20 and it ships within two business days.

    InteriorBanners image

    Exterior Portfolio has a wide selection of textures and lines, which when combined with a harmonious color palette, can create endless design possibilities. And with Smart Styles Color Selector, you can blend complementary or contrasting colors to create your palette.

    Dream Designer let’s your design sense come outside and play!