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    Duo Dickinson, AIA, Design Expert

    Duo is the author of six books and over 40 articles in more than a dozen national publications. He has received more than 30 awards, including Architectural Record House, Metropolitan Home Met Home Awards, as well as Connecticut and New York AIA design awards. His work has been published in over 60 venues, including The New York Times, Architectural Record and House Beautiful. He is the co-founder of the Congress of Residential Architecture (CORA). Duo Dickinson has taught at the undergraduate school of Yale College and Roger Williams University, has sat on design reviews at Cornell, RISD and the Graduate School of Architecture at Yale. He is a frequent lecturer at universities, AIA associations and civic groups. 

    About Duo’s new book Staying Put 

    Staying Put, by Duo Dickinson, is dedicated to one simple idea: it's cheaper, and often more personally satisfying, to remodel what you've got than to get something new. It's an important message during this, The Great Recession or whatever it's called now. But even in flush times are you averse to saving gobs of money? Didn't think so. That's why you're reading this site and other sites and books dedicated to remodeling...and why this book may be just for you. Dickinson is so qualified as an architect, educator, author, and speaker that his CV extends for several impressive pages. If you just so happen to buttonhole Dickinson at a party, are you going to ask him about something as picayune as his views on the Alside Fairfield 70 Series Replacement Window vs. the Series 80? Of course not. You'll be pumping him for Big Ideas. That's what you get in Staying Put: an exclusive audience with a knowledgeable, witty expert in the field of home building and remodeling...who is willing to spill the beans. - www.about.com
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