• Energy Efficiency

    Finding ways to Save Energy has become of paramount importance in the United States.  Widespread development of energy efficient products has reached an unprecedented level, including the rapid development and usage of hybrid vehicles and Energy Star rated products and Energy Star qualified homes.  The critical need to reduce oil-based energy consumption in the U.S. is being further driven by Federal Government Environmental and Energy Legislation.

    Americans have embraced the energy savings movement in many aspects of their lives.  One way in which you can Save Energy and Money, as well as improve the comfort of your home, is through the usage of energy efficient, insulated siding.  With its SOLID CORE™ insulated backing, Exterior Portfolio® helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  CraneBoard® 6 and 7 are engineered with SOLID CORE™ insulation, which includes the SmartTrack™ moisture management system.  This system, with its air ventilation ridges and grooved channels, ensures that your home breathes easy and allows moisture to evaporate.

    SOLID CORE™ insulated backing and the SmartTrack moisture management system help to improve energy efficiency. The R in SOLID CORE stands for the “R” in R-Value, which measures thermal resistance and expresses the impact of how the product will improve energy efficiency. Exterior Portfolio's family of insulated products have an R-Value of up to 2.5.

    Going hand in hand with the reduction in monetary expenditures and increased comfort of your home, the usage of an energy efficient exterior cladding system empowers you with the ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (i.e. greenhouse gases) and its effect on global warming.  The result?  You can directly contribute to sustaining the environment for generations to come!