• Initial and Lifetime Costs

    Exterior Portfolio® has a wide selection of exterior cladding products that reduce the costs of your home initially and for its lifetime.  Some of these areas include:

    Installation Costs
    • Doesn’t need painting
    • Does not require a mason or other specialist for installation
    • Shipping costs are less than other alternatives.
    Lifetime Costs

    Maintenance Freedom: Exterior Portfolio eliminates the need to repair, maintain, or paint your home’s exterior.

    • Ability to withstand wind loads up to 200 mph (based upon type) reduces repair and/or replacement costs.
    • No painting is required. ColorLife™ Fade Defense keeps exterior colors fresh and true for the life of the home, season after season.
    • Superior durability reduces or eliminates repair and/or replacement due to impact damage.

    Energy Efficiency: SOLID CORE™ insulated backing and the SmartTrack moisture management system help to improve energy efficiency.

    • The R in Solid CoRe stands for the “R” in R-Value, which measures thermal resistance and expresses the impact of how the product will improve energy efficiency.

    Exterior Portfolio family of insulated products have an R-Value of up to 2.5.