• Life Style

    When building or remodeling your home, it should be built in consideration of your lifestyle.

    Leave Maintenance Behind!

    • Do you have children that keep you busy and leave you little spare time? 
    • Does your job keep you on the road or late at the office giving you little to no time for home maintenance?
    • Do you want to avoid having to accommodate your schedule to meet the repair man?
    • Perhaps you just don’t want to do home maintenance and would like to just eliminate the need.

    Give yourself a break and the freedom to spend your time the way you want. Exterior Portfolio® family of products give you true maintenance freedom. You simply just need to wash it with a little soap and a garden hose!

    Oh joy…oh silence!

    • Do you have a baby or small children and want to keep them asleep at night…and you too? 
    • Do you live near an expressway or in a bustling urban area and want to keep the sounds of the city out?
    • Do you just want the peace of mind of knowing you’ll get a good night’s sleep?

    Solid Core Siding®, with their sound deadening properties, help produce a more pleasant and enjoyable experience in your home.

    Impact Resistant!

    • Do you have kids? Do you think that stray baseball may miss its target? Don’t forget your beginner bicycler and that inevitable “stop” into the side of your garage. 

    Solid Core Siding has great impact resistance and stands up to whatever your little league player can throw its way!   

    Wind Resistant!

    •  Do you have harsh windstorms that may blow limbs and debris onto your house?    Exterior Portfolio's products have the ability to withstand wind loads up to 200 mph (based upon type)

    But the best part of all, is the aesthetics. We offer a wide selection of products that allow you to create your dream home that expresses your aesthetic style while meeting the needs of your lifestyle!